Highbury Hill Family Home

These clients had lived in their house for about 20 years and hadn’t redecorated for the past 10. With their children grown up and leaving the family nest, this couple felt it was time for a change and to update their lovely victorian house and give it a new lease of life. A new colour palette was chosen for the whole house. Shades and hues of blues, greens and greys were the basis of this new scheme. Darker shades with off white ceilings highlighted and brough out the original features of the house. New tongue and groove wall panelling in the hallway and staircase, contrasted and complimented the original flower aniglipta wall paper. Adding Victorian glazed tiles made the fire hearths pop out, and the bathroom floor had a make over with patterned tiles to compliment the new decoration. Radiators were updated with dark column versions and lighting was upgraded with new vintage styles with a modern twist. Carpets were replaced with a herringbone pattern to add more texture and new key pieces of furniture completed a more fresh, cohesive look. Finally the front garden had a complete redesign and make over. New clay brick tiles complimented a porcelain patterned pathway. We replaced the front and side gates, and added a stylish bin storage, all in a colour palette that complimented in the inside of the house. A gardener designed a completely new layout for a planting scheme that would be easy to manage and keep evolving.