Sarah Thomas Interiors focuses on a collaborative, creative process between the client and designer, bringing to life unique and distinct environments that reflect individual needs and tastes.

A growing interest in our surroundings, both at home and at work, has created an appetite for more thoughtful and stimulating spaces that cater for the practical and creative needs of the individual or collective. Sarah Thomas Interiors is a response to this increased awareness offering a very personal service, where attention to detail and characterful, warm interiors are key. Whether it be timeless high quality pieces and finishes, vintage one offs or cutting edge contemporary design, our aim is to guide clients to make design choices that remain aesthetically pleasing and relevant to their requirements.

With a background in fashion and set design production, Sarah Thomas Interiors provides the perfect combination of practical and creative experience to enable any project to reach its full potential. Whether it's the re-styling of an existing environment, researching and sourcing of key pieces, or complete renovation and refurbishment, our service offers the tools, support and expertise to identify and implement a shared vision, that always aims to go above and beyond client's initial expectations.