This project was commissioned by a global firm of business psychologists based in Covent Garden London, in a building where Picasso once painted for the Ballet Russes. The brief was to transform a large room in the eaves of the building that had, in the clients words, “just never really worked”.  The client wanted to create a new, much needed space for staff overflow.  We agreed this should be an informal setting to encourage more interaction and sharing of ideas between consultants.  ‘Connectivity’ was the main objective.  A landscape of modern sofas, lounge chairs, elevated desk areas and a communal worktable, allows this space the flexibility to offer a number of formal and informal work settings, including a quiet corner for report writing, clusters of relaxed seating for informal meetings, a space for client workshops and monthly presentations along with regular informal social events. The original room included many different wood finishes, so firstly the floor was stripped back to a matt finish to lay a neutral backdrop to introduce a palette of greens, blues and pinks with a focus on coloured metal furniture frames to contrast against the wooden background.  Three pieces of bespoke joinery were designed and made in collaboration with Modernarc.  A high desk area and tv wall unit were created from colour stained plywood and oak frames, along with a 5m long worktable in a pattern of geometric coloured laminates, all with tailor-made cable management to fit the staffs requirements.